“Loafers” 8.1.2014 SF

Fan shot video of “Loafers” from the new High Beamz Record. (Thanks  Wally W.)

Mo Sardella-Drums
John Harrington-Trumpet
Sam Phelps-Bass
Kim Kenny-Vocals
Cecil P’Nut Daniels-Midi Horn
Chris Zanardi- Electric Guitar

8.1.2014 Connecticut Yankee,SF 


High Beamz “Be Nice” w/Eric Levy 19th Broadway June 12.2014

Awesome Live “One Shot” From Dan Friedman. Video Master! Present this awesome footage from our Fairfax show. This featured a amazing and maybe one time lineup? of
Eric Levy on Keys (Garaj Mahal/Night Ranger), George Lacson on Bass (John Lee Hooker jr), Jeremey Hoenig- Drums (Grammy Winner),Jefferson Bergey- Vocals (Freestone Peaches) & myself CZ on Electric Guitar. Big Thanks to Appleberry Jam for this awesome video.